Resumé for S. Plowright


 NAME  Stephen Plowright
 ADDRESS   Victoria, Australia
 EMAIL  Steve9 @ (remove spaces)
 Mac Pro 12 core, Mac Pro 8 core, G5 Dual server, HP LaserJet 5100tn, Scanner, Gigabit Ethernet Switch, ADSL Router, Airport Extreme, Virtual lab with Windows & Linux VMs



1977     YEAR 12 CERTIFICATE, Phillip College ACT

Subjects: Physics, English, Maths (double major), Chemistry, Computing.

1978     BSc. Australian National University.

Subjects: Physics, Maths.

1979-81  B2 Combat Engineering - British Army.

Subjects: Theory and practice in building and improvising various structures. Demolition and explosives. Water supply.

1982-85  BSc Continued. ANU.

Subjects: Statistics, Psychology, Linguistics.

1988     Numerical & Analytical Skills. TAFE.

Subjects: Calculus, Complex numbers, Engineering Maths.

1989-97  Courses at Apple.

Subjects: Hardware repair and maintenance. Networking and Communications.
System 7 software support. Certified Apple Engineer.

1998-2008 Networking Courses.

Subjects: Nortel Centillion Switch & ATM, Cisco Accellerated Router Configuration, Advanced Internet Protocol Troubleshooting, Cisco Certified Network Associate. Various CCNP subjects. Network General Sniffer.

2008-2011 IPS courses

Subjects: ISS Siteprotector, Juniper, McAfee, Sourcefire, Tipping Point.

2011-2014 SIEM courses

Subjects: ArcSight, QRadar

2014-Present Forensic courses

Subjects: EnCase, Charles Sturt Uni short course.

I have also written and presented courses on evidence, logic, critical thinking, and statistical inference.


1979-81   Combat Engineer, British Army.

Duties: A wide variety of building and demolition tasks performed under difficult conditions necessitating improvisation and initiative.

1985-88   Security Officer, Wormald Security, Deakin Offices.

Duties: Front desk administering pass system, after hours maintaining building security. Monitoring temperature, humidity, and access sensors in computer rooms.

1988-89   Technician, Auslogic, Canberra.

Duties: Configuration, installation and maintenance of IBM compatible PCs and Ethernet LANs.

1989-92   Senior Technician, AppleCentre Canberra.

Duties: Managing Repair Centre. Diagnosis and repair of all Apple products. Installation and maintenance of Macintosh LANs and third party peripherals. File translation and data recovery. Liaising with users, Apple Computer Australia, and third party suppliers. Presenting courses and tutorials for AppleCentre Training Wing (System Support, Scanning Graphics and OCR, Hypercard Programming). Develop and implement productivity tools for the company.

1992-93   Project Officer, Drug Referral and Information Centre, Canberra.

Duties: Lead and coordinate research project. Plan research methodology. Analyse and limit sources of sampling bias. Design and test survey questionnaire. Administering survey and counselling respondents in the field. Statistical analysis of results. Writing final report. Liaising with other researchers and the media.

1993     Technical Support, Mirror Technologies, London.

Duties: Provide technical support in all aspects of configuration, installation, and trouble-shooting with Apple hardware, third party peripherals, networks, and software.

1994     Technical Support, Logical Solutions, Sydney.

Duties: Technical support, configuration, installation, trouble-shooting, and repair of all Apple hardware, third party peripherals, networks, and software.

1995-96     Technical Support/Consultancy, UWS Nepean.

Duties: Technical support, configuration, installation, trouble-shooting. Advice and assistance in IT purchases for University departments. Liaising with Apple and departments. Supervising the commercial arm of the Computing and Communications Division. Developing procedures and databases for functions of the Computer Shop. Help desk duties.

1996-1998     Senior Macintosh Consultant

Working for a large international computer support corporation in 2nd and 3rd level support. Designing and implementing standardised software images and installers. Implementing centralised LAN based support for desktop Macs in large corporate client sites. Resolving problems not solved by the Help Desk.

1998-2008     Network Engineer

Working for a large international computer support corporation in 3rd level networking & comms support. Designing and implementing remote site solutions. Configuring and supporting routers and switched ethernet infrastructure, layer 3 switching, & datacentres. Capacity planning. Designing, implementing, & configuring out of band support solutions. Network traffic management and security with router access lists. Network monitoring solutions.

2008-2011     Security Operations Engineer

Inplement & support a variety of intrusion detection/prevention systems & alert management infrastructure on large corporate clients.

2011-2014     Team Leader SIEM Engineers

Implement & support security event log management and analysis systems on large corporate clients.

2014-Present     IT Forensics and Incident Reponse

Investigate security incidents and exposures on large corporate and govenrment clients.


British Army, GSM-NI


Archery (since 1972)
Competitive Weightlifting (1978 - 2002)
Kung Fu (since 1983)


Plowright S (1993). Mathematical analysis of artificial cranial deformation. Proceedings from the 1992 Conference of the Australasian Society for Human Biology, ASHB News, Vol 5 No 2, pp 20-23.

Plowright S (1993). Harm Minimisation and Anabolic Steroids. Drug Referral and Information Centre, Canberra.

Plowright S (1994). Neural net processing: A key factor in the evolution of language. ASHB News, Vol 6 No 2, pp 7-12.

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Plowright S (2006). The Rune Primer. Lulu Press, USA & UK.

Plowright  S (2011). Asperger Awareness. Lulu Press, USA & UK.

Plowright S (2012). Logical Disjunction. Music CD. Tunecore Records.

Plowright S (2013). Belief-Reason-Logic. TableAus: Australian Mensa News. September 2013, Issue 407, pp 15, 17.

Plowright  S (2015). Learning Logic. Lulu Press, USA & UK.


Mensa, an international high IQ society.

Australasian Society for Human Biology, a society for the interdisciplinary study of the Human Biological sciences.

National Space Society of Australia, one of an international network of societies for the advancement of space science & colonisation.