Engineer Generalist Diagnostician

Stephen Plowright -

About me:

I have been a Combat Engineer in the British Army, and have studied Physics, Maths, Statistics, Psychology, Logic, and Linguistics at a University level.

I joined Mensa in 1995, having scored in the top 1% in both verbal and non-verbal tests. I have published papers on Human Biology and am a member of the Australasian Society for Human Biology, and a member of National Space Society of Australia. In 1993, I was contracted to conduct a government funded survey and write a report on the risk behaviours of steroid users. I am a founding member of the Internet Society of Australia . I have also published books and music.

I have a broad knowledge base, drawing from areas of science, mathematics, and linguistics. My success has hinged largely on an interdisciplinary approach.

My resumé is also on-line.