Harm Minimisation and Anabolic Steroids

Results and Recommendations of the DRIC
Injecting Steroid User Survey

Author: Stephen Plowright

Published By: Assisting Drug Dependants Inc.
Australian Capital Territory
July 1993

Funding: Department of Health, Housing, Local Government,
& Community Services


In order to develop appropriate educational materials aimed at reducing possible HIV/AIDS risk and other possible harm associated with anabolic steroid use, a sample of steroid users were given a needs and risks analysis questionnaire. Steroid users reported very low HIV/AIDS risk behaviour when compared with some other drug injecting groups and negligible needle sharing. The study also showed that neither legal sanctions, nor information about the possible harmful effects of steroid use, are likely to be effective deterrents. Legal sanctions do discourage users from seeking counselling or medical advice, thus they may increase harm associated with steroid use. Steroid users who received prescribed steroids and who were medically monitored by a sports medicine specialist had significantly fewer side effects.

Report available from Drug Referral and Information Centre:

GPO Box 2421
ACT 2601

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